Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about our studio classes. If you have a question that isn't answered after reading this page or are looking for more information, please use our Contact Form to have us answer your question or get you the information you need.


What ages do you teach?

We teach children from 2yrs through to adult levels.

When should a child begin dance classes?

Children's dance education can start as early as two years old (accompanied class)/ three years old, as this is the age when they have the motor skills to participate in dance classes. Our preschool dance classes are all about imagination and fun while introducing a very basic introduction to Ballet, Tap, Acro Dance, Musical Theatre and Creative Movement.

Should my son take dance classes?

Yes! It is important for boys to have the same opportunities as girls. Dance classes will increase strength and flexibility, building a strong, healthy body that will help with all future sports.


What benefits will my child gain from dance classes?

Dance classes will increase flexibility, develop good posture and proper body alignment, improve coordination and introduce an appreciation for the performing arts. Dance classes will also help shy, self-conscious students develop confidence through self-expression and dance.

Why is Ballet so important to dancers?

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Ballet technique gives perfect control of every part of the mind and body through proper placement and correct terminology.

What if my child is not interested in Ballet?

We teach plenty of other dance styles at CPDS and we also offer a comprehensive musical theatre program with drama specific and private vocal training.


Why should I choose this dance studio?

Centre Pointe Dance Studio instills a love for dance to help each and every student develop a strong dance technique while building self-confidence. We are family-friendly, affordable and have well-educated and qualified dance instructors that keep up-to-date with the latest dance trends and music.


Do you have recitals at the end of the year?
CPDS stages dance shows, musicals, in house showcases and external examinations. All events are scheduled from year to year in accordance with the needs of CPDS students. 



CPDS is an examination school.

We hold International Dance Acclaim Performance Awards twice a year and also London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations in Acting, Verse & Prose, Musical Theatre and Shakespeare. Examination candidates are selected from season to season as examination participation depends on student readiness to participate in the examination experience.  CPDS is not a competition studio.

What types of dance classes to you offer?

We offer Ballet, Jazz, Acro Dance, Contemporary, Tap, Irish, Creative Movement, Drama and Private Singing. CPDS has developed its very own bespoke Preschool curriculum; which consists of creative movement, basic ballet, tap movement and action songs.

What if my child is unsure they want to take dance class?

Come and check out our studio first. If you are unsure if your child would like to dance why not sign up for a trial class/classes? The trial class fee is $25, which will be deducted from your total bill when you sign your child up; otherwise your trial class/classes experience at CPDS costs $25.  Note! Your child can take every class offered at their level for just $25!


Will my child progress each year?

Yes, CPDS curriculum is progressive and each year students will be challenged with a more advanced category of training. Your child’s class name may not change but the work will.


Should my child take more than 1 class per week?

Students ages 3-6 should not feel a need to take multiple classes per week in the same genre. At CPDS after the age of 8yrs+ and depending on their love for the art form and their reason for taking class a student may choose to take multiple classes. Participating in a variety of classes is encouraged at CPDS as this develops your child’s performing abilities. Dance is like any sport or art form; the more you train the better and faster you achieve. 


How do I speak with my child’s teachers?

Very often the teaching schedule does not allow for teachers to speak with parents between classes – if you wish to speak with your child’s teacher please email cpdsteachers@gmail.comto make an appointment.


How long is the dance year?

The dance year starts in September and ends in June.


What clothes should my child wear?

CPDS has a studio uniform for all classes, which can be purchased, at the CPDS retail area. At times we recommend that parents purchase tap/character/jazz/pointe shoes off island you will be advised if your child needs to purchase shoes off island.


How do I register for classes at CPDS?

We ask that you register your child on our online portal, it is very important that we have your contact details so that we can keep you informed of all upcoming events at CPDS.